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Experts to
Help Guide the Way

Our Mentor program connects you with business leaders who provide valuable advice, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your business goals. Our Mentors can help you with your startup or established business on every topic from A to Z.

Photo of Prakash Chandran, Startup Consultant

Prakash Chandran

Startup Consultant

Photo of Charlie Colquhoun, Customer Experience Consultatn

Charlie Colquhoun

Customer Experience Consultant

Photo of Kim Andrade, HR & Culture Expert

Kim Andrade

HR & Culture Expert

Photo of Victoria Fine, Growth Strategist for Social Impact

Victoria Fine

Growth Strategist for
Social Impact

Photo of Walter Wood, Attorney at Law

Walter Wood

Attorney at Law

Photo of Eric Saunders, Engineering Manager

Eric Saunders

Engineering Manager

Photo of Tom Quisel, Technology Leader & Data Scientist

Tom Quisel

Technology Leader

Photo of Julie Fishman, Vertical Marketing Manager at FLIR Systems

Julie Fishman

Marketing Expert